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Subject The time Date 30-03-2006
Title E=MC2 Section Homo Sapiens

Yet E=MC2, hurrah for relativity!

EINSTEIN once said "the faster we go, the shorter time is". I do not wish to contradict him, but from a philosophical point of view, the opposite may be demonstrated. Don't get me wrong: I do not wish to compare myself to this great physicist. Besides both being dunces at school, at respective times, we have little in common.

The notion of time is very subjective, arbitrary and mathematical. Let me develop this thought: up until now, and until it changes, one year is based on one revolution of the earth around the sun. Divided into many things, called days, minutes and seconds. Oh, sorry, I was also forgetting hours, my apologies! Now the unit of time could conventionally be different, for example a numeral calculation, where the magnitude and the operation are without an object. The fact is, if a man is able to carry out this operation in a given time, while it takes a computer "x times" less time to make the same calculation, the dimension time is changed. Let us consider the time as a capital: not in the way the famous Englishman did when he said "time is money", but simply as a number of years variable for each individual. Then the processing of a mass of information is relative to the life of one man: the faster we go, the longer time is. To a certain extent, computer science sets the record straight. This evidently only depends on one's own point of view. EINSTEIN was right in his assertion, but my reasoning also seems logical to me.

If I have got your neurons working, I am most pleased, and the reason why I have written this short pamphlet on the subject of Time, is that some comments simply make me smile sometimes. One in particular: "I have all my time". It is possible to possess "all one's time". It is certainly ours, but when I hear this expression from a very old man, I doubt it is used correctly. To speak about time, is talking for the sake of talking, so forgive me for steeling a bit of yours, because the only time that belongs to us, is the time that is past.

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