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Subject Editorial Date 30-03-2006
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Let us remain serious and courteous, and set limits in order not to be chastized for one’s opinions. Lets us make way for humour, philosophy, thought and wisdom, as these qualities almost seem old-fashioned in today’s society.

This Web site is not Blog, so it displays no moods or psychological demonstrations. It is rather aimed to the publication of paradoxes, because the poet is always stronger than the cannon.

Let us be different from those exploited journalists and philosophers, who write what their employers want to read, and who have lost all intellectual honesty.

Web writing presents a great advantage with regard to a classic publication: conformism is not compulsory.

Henri Laborit once said: «to rebel is to become ruined, because revolt, if it is achieved as a group, immediately finds a hierarchy of submission within the group, and revolt alone quickly ends in the submission of the rebel… the only thing left to do is to flea.»

Let us use this intellectual escape to utter coherent ideas for the good of mankind, in interest of the group.

As a collection of ideas, I shall publish the articles which will fit the ethics of

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Henri Laborit - L’Éloge de la fuite, Éditions Gallimard

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